…Tillotama Shome in A Death In The Gunj

Every time I watch Konkona Sensharma’s A Death In The Gunj, I take out something different from it. Every single time I’ve had a bias towards some other character, I like some scene more than another, I fall in love with just another dialogue. But what doesn’t change is my love for Sensharma’s writing. When I watched the film today, I fell in love with Tillotatma Shome’s Bonnie. 

Bonnie is a kind of person we would meet in our everyday life. She’s a protective mother, the perfect daughter-in-law, a loving wife and an amazing friend, whether to Mimi or Vikram or Brian or even Shutu for that matter. She has a beautiful collection of sarees and shawls, she smokes with a kind of sass and ease at the same time which is tough to pull. Konkona seems to have taken a lot of time (and done a lot of research) while writing this character. And even though, all of us have a Bonnie in our lives, there is something different about Sensharma’s Bonnie. 

What works best for this character is the impeccable acting by Tillotama Shome. I had perhaps fallen in love with her craft in Monsoon Wedding. She’s recently played powerful roles in Qissa and Hindi Medium as well. Though her role in Hindi Medium is short, she owns the screen even when Irrfan Khan is on screen. Shome has always had a hold over the character she plays, no matter what she plays. Even in ADITG, Shome plays Bonnie like no one else could have. Even though I felt that Priyanka Bose and Sensharma herself would have played this character with equal ease, but Shome brings a certain texture to Bonnie that maybe just she could have. The raising of eyebrows, the (so natural) laughter at the dinner table, the tears in her eyes when Tani is lost, the irritation on her face when Mimi isn’t done cutting the tomatoes, everything is done with a kind of natural grace that we don’t see so regularly in Hindi Cinema. 

Basically, Bonnie, you have my heart! 

Is Deepika Padukone ready for Cannes?

If she has fired her stylist, maybe…

Deepika Padukone has given us appearances that have taken us by storm, be it on Filmfare red carpets, at airports or even in films. Her fashion game has always been sailing high and she has hardly been criticised for any of her looks. But what happens to her on international events? Does she forget where she is going? Perhaps!

The MTV EMA was the first red carpet appearance she made before the release of her first Hollywood project, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. But technically, that isn’t her first international appearance. She first stepped foot on the prestigious red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Didn’t spot her? Don’t worry, she went practically unnoticed. Here’s what she wore:

Though, some could say that the Rohit Bal saree looks good, and we agree that the blouse is great, but this is CANNES. You don’t go to Cannes like this!


In 2014, Padukone made her next international appearance, when Ram Leela opened at the Marrakech International Film Festival. She opted for a mustard Gauri-Nainika gown, which looked absolutely beautiful on her. But why would you pair it up with such earrings?

Next, is her very famous appearance at the MTV EMA red carpet.


Here, Padukone is wearing a Monisha Jaising number custom-made for her. From the extra bling, to the danglers, nothing is right about this outfit. The actress received a lot of criticism for her look at this red carpet event and this was the first time the MTV EMA was so much talked about in India. International websites even called Padukone a ‘Bollywood Blunder’.

Unlike Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone went almost unnoticed at the Golden Globes.

After all that criticism at the MTV EMA, Padukone decided to keep it simple for her next appearance in a lemon yellow Ralph Lauren gown. But, don’t you think she missed a step and went ‘too simple, too soon’?

Deepika Padukone probably forgot where she was going when she went for the pre-Oscars party and the time while going for Oscar after party. Here are her looks:

This is what the actress wore the the pre-Oscars party. Though the floral Duro Olowu number is really pretty, it is more of a brunch dress. Padukone did receive praise for this outfit of hers, but the criticism was too much in abundance. And what’s up with the make up? And look at the shoes! Just, no!


For the after party, she opted for a, well, an old number. Here’s why we call it an old number:

At the Oscars after party (L); at the Vogue Beauty Awards, 2012 (R)

Finally, here comes the Met Gala! It has been a while since Padukone has been trying to impress the fashion police, but has always failed at it. She played very very safe for the Met Gala, 2017 but ended up failing miserably, while Priyanka Chopra owned the red carpet like it was always hers. Here’s what Padukone wore:

Deepika Padukone in Tommy Hilfiger

Well, we can’t really say if she will rock the red carpet at Cannes or no. We wish she does! But she certainly has made India proud by achieving so much!

Journalism Fiasco – Ft. Suhana Khan

Do our Indian journalists know where do draw the line?

Indian people live on Bollywood. Our lives revolve around the Hindi film industry. We want to know what the celebrities are doing, where they are going, what they wear and so on and so forth. And being a public figure they won’t even take too much of an offence on it. But do we know where to draw the line? Do we know the difference between their public and personal life? Have we not blurred out the line too much? 

The answer is, indeed we have. 

The task of journalism is to spread across a message to people, in an ethical manner. And together all Indian journalists had been doing a good job till a while back. Now a date cannot be put to the start of unethical journalism, but it’s been a couple of years since our journalists resorted to what is popularly known as “yellow journalism” to gain popularity for their respective mediums. 

A while back, a very popular leading daily had created headlines on Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show, with the word ‘cleavage’ very much in the headline. 

Recently, India Todat has objectified Suhana Khan who is the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. As if targeting the celebrities wasn’t enough, our media is succumbing to worse measures to increase their publicity. The daily had posted 20 pictures of this 16 year old star kid and the headline read as:

20 photos of Suhana Khan to spice up your Friday, in case you had other plans

Really? She’s 16. SIXTEEN. 

Eventually, after receiving a lot of hate comments from people across various social media platforms, the daily changed the headline of the article. I repeat, they changed it, and did not take the article down. 

Is this the kind of journalism we are practicing today? Is this the kind of ‘writing’ we aim at? And is this how we’re going to make tomorrow better? 

Here is a screenshot of the article:

If you look at the top left corner, there are the words “India Today Woman Summit 2017” and that’s the irony of our times, of the journalism we indulge in. 

10 Kangana Ranaut dialogues only she could pull off

On her birthday, we list 10 dialogues of Kangana Ranaut that blew our minds…

Kangana Ranaut has time and again proved that she definitely is the Queen of Bollywood. No matter what character she plays or what story she is a part of, she pulls it off with an effortless grace. On her birthday, we list 10 of her dialogues that only she could have pulled off with that effervescent demeanour.

1. Gangster

a treefor thefuture-2

2. Raaz: The Mystery Continues

a treefor thefuture-3

3. Krish 3

a treefor thefuture-4

4. Revolver Rani

a treefor thefuture-9

5. Queen

a treefor thefuture-6

6. Fashion

a treefor thefuture-10

7. Tanu Weds Manu Returns

a treefor thefuture

8. Tanu Weds Manu Returns

a treefor thefuture-8

9. Tanu Weds Manu Returns

a treefor thefuture-7

10. Rangoon

a treefor thefuture-5

Here’s wishing Kangana Ranaut a very happy birthday!